It’s officially September 1st and Fall is clearly on its way (at least in Vancouver)! I’m not ready for it yet, but it’s clearly time to think about rethinking our styling for the pre-Fall transition. The best way to do this is to stock up on key pieces you need for the season, the building blocks of your wardrobe. My must-buys for the season are: sweaters, tees, jeans, bomber jacket, olive trench, and black booties.

One of the biggest styling conundrums though is finding the perfect booties, which is probably why I still don’t have a favourite pair of black ones. You need a low heel for everyday, nothing too high. You want them to be just a little bit pointy because it’s more flattering (in my opinion). It’s key to find ones that dip down in the front because it extends your leg, adds edge, and is very flattering. All in all, your booties have to be perfect for everyday and flattering enough to make you feel great!

Though I’ve been obsessed with my Ella’s for awhile now (as many of you know), I wear them to death. I’m a creature of habit after all BUT I know black booties are the next necessity…so I definitely have Acne booties on the brain. I’ve had my eye on them forever! Check out a few more of my favourites here.

What is your perfect bootie?

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