Deighton Cup style

This year will be my first time attending The Deighton Cup…and also, incidentally, I’ll be on the judging panel for the Style Stakes. That means if you’re attending…I’ll be scoping out your style and possibly even picking you as my best dressed select. Given that I’m always scoping out street style…either in my head, or IRL scouting out my favourite looks, being part of the style panel seems so fitting.

I have to admit though…I’ve never been a huge fan of themed events. While they’re such a great way to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with style (and equally fun to photograph), I’ve never been into a theme that I have to conform to. So, even picking out my own outfit and fascinator for the event was quite the feat. I wanted to embrace the theme of the event while also remaining true to my own personal style. And whoever manages to toe that line gracefully at the event will be getting my vote! I’ll be looking for unexpected details as opposed to an entire look that is screaming for my attention.

If you get a little antsy about party themes or compromising your personal style in lieu of them, I’ve handpicked a few favourites that might inspire your Style Stakes look. These pieces have a little bit of street style edge while still being Deighton-inspired.

(Or plan B, wear a Burger King crown and pretend like you didn’t get the memo…either will work. jk 😜👑 )

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Sabrina Fenster

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