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I chased this girl for a shot of her eye-catching bedazzled bag. Apparently she loves it just as much as did. “I first saw this bag a few years ago on my friend at a music festival..I had boots that matched it perfectly. I remember gasping when I saw it and saying, “THAT BAG. If you ever get rid of it, I’d happily take it off your hands.” I hadn’t see this friend in over a year but he just came to visit last weekend. I had honestly completely forgotten about the bag until he showed up with it in hand and said here’s your late birthday present! I was just as excited as the first time I saw it.” – @littlemythy

vancouver style blog

vancouver style blog

vancouver style blog

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Sabrina Fenster

Sabrina is the founder of Vancouver-based street fashion and personal style blog, StreetScoutMe. She believes the best fashion show is on the streets and will always be the most relevant way to discover trends.

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