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NYE seems like the one holiday where we all try to dress our best even if it doesn’t feel natural to us. The good news is that you can make a stylish impact with your NYE look without going over the top or too literal with sparkle and all the glitz. In fact, the sweatshirt has made such a comeback this season…fashion girls everywhere are mixing it high low with blazers, skirts and dresses.

Here are 9 unexpected ways you can take a simple piece – like a sweater or sweatshirt – and dress it up for a fun NYE look that says “stylish” without being too serious.

Layer a slouchy sweater underneath a dress and pair it with over-the-knee boots.

Combine luxe fabrics and an unexpected color palette to dress up a sweater. Accessories will add a stylish punch.

Balance out an oversized colorful sweatshirt by pairing it with something more slimming on the bottom like a silk skirt, unique handbag, and chic ankle boots.

Dress down a glitzy dress by pairing a printed sweater underneath. Mix your prints if you want to have fun with the look!

Pair a simple sweater with culottes and suedes boots all in the same color way.

Go super bright in a punchy color like yellow. Wear your oversized sweater like a sweater dress by pairing it with chic over-the-knee boots or leggings.

Go super casual in a sweater and pair it with very unexpected pleather pants. This girl is proof that you can make it work!

Find a sweater with a chic touch, like fringe, and layer it with a turtleneck and simple black dress and heels.

Not the fancy type? Tie that sweatershirt around your waist for a fun, flirty yet stylish and casual touch.

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