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Is it just me or is this the gloomiest week we’ve seen in awhile? After feeling a noticeable shift in my mood, I found out that the third week of January is reported to be the most depressing in the year and, not so surprisingly, January has the highest rate of suicides. Sadly, I know two beautiful souls who chose to take their lives on the third week of January in years past.

It’s times like this that we’re reminded to be compassionate. To smile. And to be thankful for what we have. Because there are so many that are less fortunate. We’re reminded that we all do have challenges. That it’s always good to talk but better to listen.

Tonight I’m so thankful for spending the evening with friends and the ability to talk openly and vulnerably without any feelings of judgement. We should all be free to be our most authentic selves.

So, if you’re feeling a little gloomy this week, don’t forget that it’s no good to suffer in silence. Instead, reach out to a friend, share, smile, or laugh…because these all do amazing things for the soul.

Below I’m sharing a few of my favourite smiles I’ve captured in awhile in hopes that they put one on your face too.

street style in New York

street style in New York

street style in New York

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