While most teens are off living seemingly normal lives, a lucky few are jumping into the business of blogging. And I have to say, I find it ridiculously impressive.

You can imagine my excitement when the 17-year old blogger behind xoxo Bella approached for me for a photoshoot. This girl blows my mind away. Just out of high school, she already runs a full-fledged fashion and lifestyle blog, where she shares outfits, recipes, fitness, and other tidbits of her life. Her blog is professional and inspiring…and let’s be real, not what you’d usually expect from a 17-year old!!

I personally didn’t start blogging until my late 20’s…and I’ve always secretly wished that I could have started super young. When I was getting out of high school, I wasn’t doing anything very impressive. I worked in a restaurant for a bit before finally deciding to get my butt to University. Oh, how I wish blogging was a THING back then! I can’t imagine having a foothold in the industry at such a young age.

Lately, we’re seeing more and more millennials that are looking for creative ways to harness their entrepreneurial spirit. In my opinion, brands are wise to jump on board and start working with these young bloggers that have access to an entirely different set of readers. I can’t wait to see what the future of blogging brings…but discovering young ones like Bella definitely proves that we’ll see a lot more of them blossom over the coming years.

PS. Can I just say I love the 70’s vibes Bella is throwing down in this dress by SheIn? It captures the 70’s spirit of the season perfectly.

Head over to Bella’s blog to see more photos!

BellaXOXO X StreetScout.Me-13

BellaXOXO X StreetScout.Me-15

BellaXOXO X StreetScout.Me-30

BellaXOXO X StreetScout.Me-52

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