*head to toe on Viranlly: Tweed suit (similar), White Indochino Oxford Shirt (similar), sweatshirt (similar), bowtie and Indochino pocket square (more men’s accessories here), Alden shoes (similar). 

As my pal Viranlly puts it, men’s street style is so focused on casual bombers, sweatpants, and sneakers. It’s rare to find a well-dressed man strolling around…at least in Vancouver. And though Vancouver is a very casual city and our take on style certainly reflects that, there are ways for men to add a preppy cool factor to their ensemble without feeling too overdressed or even costume-like. Take Viranlly’s “preppy AF look”, for example. His tweed suit has a youthful silhouette and feels day appropriate because he added a collegiate narrative with the vintage Oxford Uni sweatshirt. The bowtie and bandana pocket square complete the look…because accessories annotate a look most effectively, lets be honest. And just in case you want to keep your casual vibe, you can dress this look down even more for opting for espadrilles or classy trainers. Keyword: classy.

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