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Jeremy and I have become pros at pairing monochromatic textures. And while I certainly don’t suggest everyone should go out and buy all-black ensembles right now, we both tend to naturally gravitate toward them in the winter…PLUS, they look great paired together as we transition from winter to the still rainy spring.

It’s nice when you don’t have to be involved in helping the boy master his outfits. Jeremy can usually manage that himself..here, I love how he paired a black trench with an embroidered vest and wool sweater. Although they are all very different textures, they go well together because they are all in the same colour family.

So, three tips for pairing monochromatic textures:
1.) Streamline and stay in the same colour family. This will keep your mixed texture situation from looking over-the-top.
2.) Cheat, and wear many textures together! Your outfit is already pretty paired down in monochromatic tones so you need to get playful in another way and mixing all sorts of textures accomplishes that beautifully.
3.) Don’t be afraid to add in navy and grey, like Jeremy did here with his toque and joggers. It adds a bit of richness to the overall look.

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