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I’ve visited New York numerous times but I’ve never had the opportunity to go there for New York Fashion Week (NYFW). In fact, I haven’t stopped talking about NYFW since I’ve been back! The primary reason for my trip though was to visit my head office and meet my wonderful colleagues. I do the marketing for a platform called The Shelf…it’s really cool, so you should check it out. It’s a job I’m super proud of but don’t get to talk about very often. Indeed it’s a balancing act when juggling full time work and blogging, but for some reason, I think all of us bloggers have become pros at it. And of course, no work trip is complete without some street scouting, especially in a city like NYC AND during Fashion Week!

What’s more, Jeremy and I had the opportunity to go down there with a group of Vancouver influencers – Alexa of Love, Alexa, Meagan of Living Boldly, and Cristina of Fluent Productions – and we all got to experience NYFW for the first time together. At the end of the day, we’re just a few normal gals (and one guy) who wanted to experience the buzz of the shows and share our experience in a more relatable way with you.

Ahead, I’m sharing a little behind the scenes video from our trip, PLUS some unseen street style snaps from the Vera Wang show. Enjoy! And once again, a big thank you to Airbnb for helping us with our trip.

Also, a tremendous thank you to the Vancouver brands that helped us look fabulous from head to toe – Wardrobe Apparel, High Street Fashion Stores, The Optical Boutique, Alex S. Yu, Modaselle, and Swap Watch. These are such great local brands, so please go check them out!

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Tommy Hilfiger NYFW 2015 Pier 36-35


Our Vancouver girl gang!

Day - 2 New York Fashion Week SS16 X StreetScout.Me-5

Sabrina of StreetScoutMe

StreetScoutMe in Montreal-1-3

Jeremy of StreetScoutMe

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-117

Alexa of Love, Alexa

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-28

Meagan of Living Boldly

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-115

Cristina of Fluent Productions

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-25

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-30

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-36

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-38

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-40

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-43

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-48

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-51

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-55

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-68

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-69

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-73

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-75

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-83

streetscoutme x nyfw-1-87

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streetscoutme x nyfw-1-91

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streetscoutme x nyfw-1-107

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streetscoutme x nyfw-1-112

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streetscoutme x nyfw-1-129

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StreetScout.Me - SS.Me street style and fashoin

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