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Today I’m taking over for Sabrina because I have something fun to share with you all. After our trip to New York, we went back to where it all started…Montreal. It was our best Montreal trip to date. We went there to celebrate two big occasions: our wedding, which we didn’t get to celebrate with our extended family in Montreal and a big milestone for my niece Emma, her Bat Mitzvah.

I figured I’d take advantage of my stylish niece and her friends and do an impromptu street style shoot. The results are amazeballs! Just look at how pretty and adorable these girls are. They really know how to work the camera, models in the making. 😉 When I was her age (cue the old man talk) my friends and I weren’t even close to that stylish.

I look forward to watching Emma blossom into the beautiful woman that she already is inside and out. When I look into her eyes I see an old soul. She’s so level-headed and intelligent (cue Emma’s eye roll). I’m a very lucky uncle!

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