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*head to toe on Rachel: TNA Bralette, OAK + FORT mesh top, Zara track pants, Juicy Couture puffer jacket, Nike Air Huarache Run sneakers.

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What’s your role at OAK + FORT and how does your job influence your style?

My current role is Menswear Stylist and Social Media Coordinator at Oak + Fort Head Office. I do a number of things that also include assistance in Men’s brand development and I create content for and manage both Instagram accounts @oakandfort and @oakandfortman.

Vancouver style blogger

I have always had a love for menswear even before I started to work in the fashion industry. My job allows me to showcase my passion for menswear as the many pieces I wear on a day to day basis in and outside of work, are men’s pieces or can be considered unisex. I feel like I can easily relate to both customers as my personal style/wardrobe represent both sides and also break gender roles in fashion.

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What inspired you when you got dressed this morning?
To be honest, I woke up thinking I haven’t worn these pants in a while and I love them to death except that I haven’t had time to get them hemmed!

Vancouver style blogger

Do any of the pieces you are wearing have a story?
My coat I think has a unique story because I found it in my closet about 5 months ago. It was just before the time I saw that Juicy Couture was back on trend watch with an Urban Outfitters exclusive collaboration. I bought this jacket when I was probably 14 years old at Nordstrom Rack and had completely forgotten about it ever since. It was a rare find at a perfect time because not only is Juicy Couture “somewhat” back in style, but puffer jackets also made a huge comeback this winter too. It makes me want to be a hoarder and never throw any of my old clothes out!

Vancouver style blogger

Check out more of Rachel’s unisex style here or on her new website!

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