Sabrina is the Founder and Photographer behind street fashion brand, StreetScout. She has been sharing her love for street style photography since her early University days when she lived in Montreal and was constantly inspired by the freedom of style and self expression around her. She always loved the idea of sharing street style outfits because it seemed like a much more relatable and authentic way to showcase trends. It also felt like an accessible way for everyday people to get inspired to up the ante on their own outfits. After dabbling in street style photography – not so professionally – on and off for about four years, she finally launched her blog, StreetScout in 2011… and the rest was history. 

Today, StreetScout is known as one of the most well regarded street style and fashion blogs in all of Canada. 

Though StreetScout got its roots on the streets of Montreal (oh how reminiscent) as well as Vancouver and Toronto, Sabrina now spends most of her time jetsetting around the world. She finds herself most often street scouting the most fashionable cities around the world, like New York, Paris, and Los Angelos.

She’s attended New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and hopes to add Copenhagen Fashion Week to the list soon too!

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